The training of the company staff is essential to achieve GxP compliance.


Asfalia offers standard and customized courses adapted to the customer's needs, about  GMP’s and regulations, software development in a quality environment, computer validation based on GAMP guidelines, or validation management inside the client quality system and validation policy, always including theoretical and practical course sections.


We offer on-going training plans, specifically designed for each customer, on their premises or ours, and adapted to the different profiles of their staff. The courses include qualifications of the attendees at the end of the course and, optionally, track of their level after a period of time for better assimilation of the course content.


All courses can be 100% founded  by the Fundación Tripartita! Find out about the conditions and prepare to take on new professional challenges.

Courses available for 2016 are the following:






Computer system life cycle:


Rules and regulations:


MS Excel spreadsheets in detail:



Classification of the courses