Computer technology has an increasingly important role in the development of all professional tasks day. The quality of software involved in the pharmaceutical, chemical, medical, veterinary, or medical equipment, has a direct impact on the final product and therefore on the patient.

It is essential to address validation of computer systems, required by law in Spain since 29/2006 law, but also from the quality management in its development: the approach to GxP regulations and guidelines involved (GMP , GAMP, CFR, etc.) is preventing errors from the beginning of the process and based on risk analysis. Greater involvement of the pharmaceutical company in the development cycle and maintenance of software provides control and thorough knowledge of the system. This means greater security, and reduces the cost which means correcting errors and modifying the program in the later stages of implementation.

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    Find out how our consultants can carry out all your projects related to the life cycle of computer systems.

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    The training of the company staff is essential to achieve GxP compliance. Access our Training section and see what we can offer your company.

  • Audit

    To guarantee the quality of a software, it is an essential requirement to verify that the software vendor works with a certain level of quality.

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    A documented quality management system is of great importance and benefit in computer validations, and as part of the company commitment with quality.

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    Rules and regulations related to Computer Validation.